Dogmatic Theology
(THEO 1314)

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Course Contents:

  • INTRODUCTION - Sources of Orthodox Dogmatic Theology.
  • THE EXISTENCE OF GOD - Philosophical and Theological Arguments, the Essence and Moral attributes of God.
  • TRINITARIAN THEOLOGY - Unity in Diversity, Monotheistic Characters of the Triune God, Significance of Trinitarian Theology in Human Redemption, and Trinitarian Controversies.
  • CHRISTOLOGY - The Mystery of Incarnation, the Divinity of Christ, the Nature of Christ, and Christological Controversies.
  • MARIOLOGY – St. Mary’s Hagiography, Veneration, Covenant of Perpetual Virginity, Symbols and Titles of the Theotokos.
  • THE THEOLOGY OF INTERCESSION – Veneration and Intercession of the Blessed Saints, and Holy Angles, Addressing Prayers to the Saints and Angles.
  • HOLY SACRAMENTS – the Seven Sacraments, the Mystery of Worship, Eucharistic Doctrine and Eucharistic Controversies.
  • SOTERIOLOGY - Anthropology, the Nature of the Human Soul, Evil and Sin, and The Dogma of Redemption.
  • CHRISTINA ESCHATOLOGY - The Future of the World and Mankind, Life After Death, the Controversy of Purgatory, and the Second Advent of Christ
  • Course Description:
  • This is a doctrinal course prepared in accordance with the Teachings of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church based on Biblical and Patristic writings. The course aims to provide introduction to the Orthodox Understanding of the Dogmatic Theology to those who have been looking for online programs.

    Student Learning Outcomes:

    Students will be able to
    1. Understand dogmatic differences between the Oriental, the Chalcedonina Orthodox, The Roman Catholic and the Protestant Churches.
    2. Comprehend the dogmatic position of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in the Christendom.
    3. Have an overview of the major heretical teachings and the Historical Controversies that challenged the life of the Apostolic Church in light of the Biblical and Patristic writings.
    4. Notice differences between the Orthodox Dogmatic Teachings, and non-Orthodox traditions, and customs that seem to be occasionally mingled each other.

    Cost: $54.00