Exploring the Ethiopian Liturgical Rite
(Eth Lit 1314)


Course Description

The course is an excursion into the historical development, distinctive features, spirituality and selected theological themes of the Ethiopian Christian liturgical tradition. It seeks to show the cultural and theological factors that led to the formation of an Ethiopian liturgical rite which is
rooted in the Alexandrian liturgy. The course also touches upon some of the peculiarities of the Ethiopian liturgy and the doctrinal themes that can be drawn upon the indigenous Ethiopic anaphoras. Classroom presentations, uploaded course materials, a home-take exam, one reflection paper, and a final research paper.

Course Objectives

  • To acquaint students with the historical development of the Ethiopian liturgical tradition.
  • To acquire an awareness of the celebration and beauty of the Ethiopian Divine Liturgy (Qəddase).
  • To enable students to explore liturgy as a privileged source of theology.
  • To appreciate the Ethiopian liturgical approach to God as a Mystery.
  • To develop a critical approach to the primary Ethiopic liturgical sources that are unknown to the vast majority of foreign liturgical scholars.

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