Introduction to New Testament: Fulfilled OT Prophesis
(THEO 1313)


Introduction to the Holy Bible ( Definition, Date of Writing, the Uniqueness of the Holy Bible, the Supernatural Origin of the Bible, Short Survey of the Bible),
A Review on the New Testament (Content and Style, Description by Style, Authors, Brief Biography of Each Author, The Eyewitnesses Testimony, The Time and Location of New Testament Events, The Life of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Motives of the Authors , The Outcome of the Eyewitnesses),
Canon of the New Testament,
The New Testament’s Relation to the Old Testament,
The New Testament Fulfillment of some Old Testament Messianic Prophecies,

The Priesthood of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the Order of Melchizedek
Fulfilled Prophecies and Typologies about Holy Virgin Mary,
Mosaic Law in the New Testament

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