Comparative Theology
(Theo 1317)


Comparative Theology

Different denominations and traditions existing in Christianity are keeping diverse standpoints in regard to many important theological issues. Theological perspectives also differ according to the denominational differ according to the denominational differences. Here in this course we are mainly dealing with the dogmatic issues in which the Oriental Orthodox Churches differ from Eastern Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant denominations. The topics are analyzed from an Oriental Orthodox point of view. It implies the defense of correct doctrine of the Church. Comparison of diverse perspectives in theological understandings also is analyzed.

General Objectives of the Course

The primary objective of this course is to understand the theological standpoint of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in comparison with the other ecclesiastical traditions. It is aimed to strengthen the faith and to train the students to safeguard the true faith of the Church. Cults containing mutilated forms of Christian elements are also analyzed with an Orthodox Christian perspective. Modern Theological movements having no affiliation to the theological standpoints of any established denomination also have been seen critically in the Course. Such approaches are intended to enhance the ability of students to make serious evaluations of liberal and liberation tendencies in the current theological literature.

By analyzing the differences between some dogmatic issues and perspectives in Oriental Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant understandings the students will be equipped to witness Orthodox Theology and Spirituality in a clear and distinctive way in the present context.

Specific Objectives of the Course

  • To make students aware of the difference in faith between the different denominations in Christianity.
  • To create awareness in them to preserve the doctrines of the Church unaltered.
  • To train and empower them to answer the questions of believers properly.
  • To make their conviction regarding the doctrinal affairs stronger.
  • Equipping students to have critical and clear perspectives in analysing theological stand points of other denominations and systems.
  • To equip the students to defend the faith of Orthodoxy against rationalism and liberalism
  • To make the students familiar with different methods of presenting Theology.

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